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Foam Rubber Products

We know some customers have used our foam for costumes, crafts, padding around poles, protect children in houses, protect cars in garages and to block out cold air or muffle noise from windows or doors. Square cubes are sometimes used for gymnastic pits and ground foam for stuffing pillows and dog beds.

E-mail us for more information on our foam rubber products, availability and shipping. Please include a return e-mail address and a phone number, we will contact you with a response.

Foam Rubber is available in several grades. Ritchie Foam Company offers the very finest foam in all grades.

  • 1.5 pd. 33 ILD Medium Firm
  • 1.5 pd. 45 ILD Firm
  • 1.8 pd. 36 ILD Med. Firm
  • 1.8 pd. 50 ILD Firm
  • 1.8 pd. 24 ILD Soft
  • 1/2" Laminated Foam
    used for sewing & pleating.

* Note: Density is often thought of as firmness, but the properties are really quite different. Lesser qualities can be made to feel firm, but will be more susceptible to fatigue. Better qualities of foam are more stable and do not soften down so quickly.

Laminated Foam

Laminated Foam Rubber

Laminated Sewing Foam

Laminated Sewing Foam Rubber

Half Inch Laminated Sewing Foam

Half Inch Laminated Sewing Foam Rubber

Queen Size Mattress

Queen Size Mattress Foam Rubber

Covered Bed Wedge

Covered Bed Wedge  Foam Rubber

Covered Bed Wedge

Covered Bed Wedge Foam Rubber

Foam Squares

 Foam Rubber Squares

Cushion Foam

Cushion  Foam Rubber

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